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Wanted to take on classical guitar as a new challenge after decades of rock guitar filled with distortion.  This studio is amazing - kind and patient teachers, learning at your own pace, just the right amount of challenge, with truck loads of support.  You won't be disappointed!

                                                                                     Aravinda P.   

                                                                                Review on Google

Very friendly teachers and great program. Both of my kids go to Solomon guitar and take guitar lessons. Very pleased with the progress they’ve made and appreciate the support the teachers provide.

                                                                                               Jungva J.

                                                                                         Review on Google

"We used this Groupon to see if my six-year-old was interested in guitar lessons for the long term. He absolutely loved his lessons, and we signed him up for weekly going forward. He sprints to the door every week; great staff, experience and teaching. Would highly recommend!"


                                                                                                 Gretchen S.

                                                                                            Review on Groupon

"Our 12-year-old son has been taking lessons with Matt for over 4 years. Matt's teaching style is always professional, yet he keeps it fun and relates well to kids. His breadth of musical knowledge is extensive, covering classical to modern. I highly recommend the studio for the beginner on up!"

                                                                                                    Jen M.                                                                                                          Review on Facebook

"Our daughter has been taking guitar lessons from Matt for over 6 years, near the beginning of Matt's career when he was still in graduate school. She loves learning from him. He's very very talented. He can play anything, from classical Spanish guitar to the Harry Potter theme to Heart and Pink Floyd. He's friendly and encouraging, and creates an atmosphere that keeps it fun for his students, while still challenging them. Our daughter takes pride in being a good guitar player, and through ups-and-downs in other activities, continues to really value her time with Matt. I highly recommend him."

                                                                                                    Charles W.

                                                                                                  Review on Yelp

My daughters have been learning to play the guitar at Solomon Guitar Studio for the last 2 years. Their teachers, Devin and Adam, are very professional and teach in pleasant way with a lot of patience. My daughters enjoy the lessons, and they learned so much.

                                                                                 Inbal S.

                                                                        Review on Google

"My son has been working with Nathan for almost a year, and Nathan has done an excellent job helping him grow in his musical skills. He has a knack for understanding how best to challenge my son without making him feel overwhelmed. Each week, I see the progress my son is making in technical skills as well as in a love for a variety of musical styles. We have been very pleased with our experience at Solomon Guitar Studio."

                                                                                   Mary B.

                                                                       Review on Facebook

"My son has studied classic guitar with Matt for four years and he become quite an achieved player. Matt has taught him impeccable techniques, introduced him to a variety of repertoires and provided him many opportunities to perform on stage. In addition to his studio recitals, my son has performed at the Portland Guitar Society, community center and had chance to attend master class. We are thankful and looking forward to continuing study with Matt!"


                                                                     Andrea Y.

                                                         Review on Facebook

Very friendly teachers and great program. Both of my kids go to Solomon guitar and take guitar lessons. Very pleased with the progress they've made and appreciate the support the teachers provide.

                                                                                Dennis M.

                                                                            Review on Yelp

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