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Irina Wilborn

Piano and Voice

        Irina Wilborn is a professional pianist and teacher in the Portland area.  She began her musical studies at Moscow’s children School of Music in Russia and later received her Bachelor of Music degree from the prestigious Gnesin Music Academy in Music Pedagogy.  Irina then moved to the US and joined the international group of American musicians and music educators through the Oregon Music Teachers Association.

         While living in Eugene Oregon, Irina received her Bachelors of Arts degree in music at the University of Oregon’s School of Music.  She then founded a large Russian Music Choir in Eugene Oregon which consists of students from the University of Oregon alumni, community singers, and students from adjacent high schools and other colleges.  She has been the Artistic Director of this group for over 15 years.
          Being an accomplished pianist, Irina has been enjoying a prolific career as a performer and a teacher.  She has performed chamber music as a soloist at Beall Hall at the School of Music (UofO), Oregon Mozart Players and continues playing at the Portland local chamber ensembles as being a part of Associated Portland Music Players as well as supporting programs for adult amateur players, bringing chamber music out of the concert hall.      
           Irina has taught hundreds of students---both classic and modern instrumental music--- ranging from the beginning levels to advanced, offering them her expertise and dedication.  She has additionally taught music in various Waldorf schools and the Slavic Christian Academy in the Portland area.

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