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Diane Tran possesses a wealth of experience as a piano instructor, having commenced her teaching career in 2018. In 2023, she successfully obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Piano Performance. Throughout her tenure, Diane has actively participated in numerous recitals and performances, showcasing her musical talents in both piano and choir ensembles at institutions such as PCC and PSU.


Demonstrating a versatile teaching approach, Diane has effectively engaged students of various age groups.  She is dedicated to infusing a sense of enjoyment into her lessons, as evidenced by the joyous laughter emanating from her students during instructional sessions.  Diane's pedagogical style includes the incorporation of humor through the sharing of jokes, creating a vibrant and pleasant learning environment.


Beyond her instructional duties,  Diane indulges her passion for literature and musical creativity.  She finds fulfillment in reading books and adeptly arranging her favorite compositions on the piano.


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